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10 Smart Baby Care Tips

BY instinct, moms are naturally smart when caring for their babies. Even first-timers surprise themselves at what they know and can do for their little ones. Nevertheless, it doesn’t hurt to compare styles and techniques with friends, and even famous moms like TV host Tintin Bersola-Babao, because everyone has the same single goal: To care for their children in the best possible way. Here then are some smart baby care tips from a smart mother of two. 

Smart Step No. 1: The first smart step is to know your baby, because every baby is unique. It helps to read books and ask advice on how to raise babies. But know the specific needs of your child. 
Smart Step No. 2: Breastfeed exclusively for at least six months. No water, no vitamins - just breast milk. My son Nio just turned two on January 31, and I’m still breastfeeding him. 
Smart Step No. 3: Give your baby an infant massage. It will help your baby relax, sleep well, have a good disposition. Good bonding time too! 
Smart Step No. 4: Do not feed your baby junk food even if at six months, you’ll be giving him solid foods already. Do not feed your baby processed meats, AND powdered juices—go for real fruit, freshly sliced or freshly squeezed. The time when you introduce solid foods to your baby is the time to introduce veggies to his taste buds; the time to train his taste buds to like the taste of veggies. Avoid giving foods high in sugar, as he might end up only liking sweet tasting foods. 
Smart Step No. 5: Never leave your baby alone—even for just a few minutes. Anything can happen. Do not leave your baby unattended. 
Smart Step No. 6: When my baby boy plays, I make sure I choose his toys well. Unfortunately there are many poor quality plastic toys, which break easily, and have sharp edges that pose danger to my baby. So I go for good quality toys—preferably made of cloth, or wood, or sturdy plastic. More expensive yes, but as a mom, I wouldn’t scrimp for the safety of my baby. I think of it as an investment. When buying toys for your baby, examine the toy and choose it well. 
Smart Step No. 7: Still on playtime: I always have a cloth towel and mini wet towels handy. I always check if my baby is sweating. I don’t allow his perspiration to dry up, and I always put a bib on him so his chest doesn’t get wet. I also always make him drink water to avoid dehydration. 
Smart Step No. 8: Talk to your baby; do not baby talk. Read to him all the time. Engage in learning activities. Do not make the TV your baby’s yaya. 
Smart Step No. 9: Do not forget your hubby and your other kids—all of them have an important role to play in raising your baby, whether it’s as simple as diaper changing, or making your baby laugh. 
Smart Step No. 10: Babies have sensitive skin and are prone to rashes. They can be easily allergic to either food, chemicals or the environment. As a smart mom, I choose a mild detergent and fabric softener to wash my baby’s clothes—mild because it is plant based, and especially formulated with babies in mind, but still has the effective cleaning properties I’m looking for, and not the artificial optical brighteners. Harmful and strong chemicals found in commercial laundry detergents will affect your baby’s skin, and when inhaled may pose danger to your baby’s health. 
I read the label of the things I buy for my baby, and discovered Smart Steps mild laundry detergent, accompanied by its fabric softener, and I must say I made the smart budget friendly choice. 
Written by: Marie Ann Esteban-Sta. Ana 
Contributor / Manilatimes.net 




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